Saarland Representative - Westcoast German News Media
July 22, 2024

The basic mission of the Saarland-Vancouver Virtual Business Club is to foster business connections between Saarland and Vancouver, BC, in collaboration with Elke Porter and the Westcoast International Virtual Business Club. We are also part of “Saarländer helfen Saarländer,” dedicated to helping anyone from Saarland join and benefit from our mission. Our aim is to provide professional development opportunities and facilitate the exchange of innovative ideas among business professionals through virtual networking, events, and resources.

Goals of the SHS Stiftung for Saarland:

  • to recruit Saarland Ambassadors and SHS Team Leaders in every country
  • to present Saarland as a cultural region and economic area in 193 member states of the UN
  • to promote science
  • to connect Saarlanders and their friends worldwide, fostering human, cultural, and economic ties
  • to contribute to international understanding and European integration
  • to build a bridge. Saarlanders or people connected to Saarland, because they have lived, worked, or studied there, can be found on all continents.